The Mystery Of The Red Baron

Series 1, Episode 1

The Mystery Of The Red Baron

Going behind the controls of the first true 'dogfighters' The corpse-lined trenches of Northern France are well known as one of the deadliest killing grounds of World War I. In fact, proportionatly, an even more lethal war was taking place in the skies over Europe. The world's first flying 'aces' were regarded as the cosseted 'glamour boys' of The Great War. But by 1917, the life expectancy of a new pilot was just two weeks. In a few years, the amateur enhusiasts and young adventurers who made up the embryonic Royal Flying Corps and German Air Force had been turned, by bloody circumstance and rapidly advancing technology, into ruthless assassins. Using CGI re-enactment and real time flying footage, Dogfight will enable the viewer to get behind the controls of the first true 'dogfighters' - the Fokker DR1 Triplane favoured by the notorious Richthofen Squadron (Jagdeshwader 1) and the Sopwith Camel of the Royal Flying Corps - and reveal in a unique way how the 'dance of death' in the skies evolved. The film will open and build to its climax with the air war's greatest aerial duel and most enduring mystery - the Red Baron's last Dogfight.

 Read more Read less Duration: 49 min